Friday 24 Rock Night with Lady(Chick/Bird) Singer, its rocks and we are not PC  

Saturday 25 New Bands For The Uneducated  
  JuiceBox Live Promotions Night


Friday 1 Locomotive Fare Dodging Punk Night For The Transport People In The Loco Shed  
  Eastfield + Support Band Too (Misplet)

Saturday 2 In Partnership with "Black Circle Records" their 1st anniversary bash at this little place  
  The Night Howlers

Saturday 2 We Know You Are Going To Be Singing, ok most of you Howling. Rock With added "Pleine Lune" for you frog Hurleurs  
  The Night Howlers

Saturday 9 This Band Salute You, with A Whole Lotta Rosie  
  Let There B/BC

Friday 15 Expect Pure Fun and Only Pure Fun  

Friday 22 Good Time Are Going To Be On The Menu Of Rock Tonight  
  Bad Hombre

Saturday 23 Dancing That Night Away Towards That Christmas Time (POP/SOUL/ROCK)  

Friday 29 What EWE SAY? For Flocks Sake We Have A Band Tonight, Never been Herd On Our Stage Before  
  Deaf Shepard

Saturday 30 New Bands For The Uneducated  
  Peppermintstore Presents

Sunday 31 New Years Eve Special with a Cracker Of A Band For All (Ticket Only 8) 100 Tickets available. When they are gone there is no more.  
  Ramshackle (Tickets Go On sale Saturday 4th Novemb
Tickets Price is 8 (1st drink included)


Saturday 3 One Hell Of A ROWK Band, LOUD MAN AND BLOODY GREAT  


Saturday 7 Rock Night, Because We Want IT!  
  Sweet Revenger